What is brachytherapy? Brachy comes from the Greek root meaning short. Brachytherapy means that the radiation travels a short distance into the tissues, whereas with an external beam source the radiation must travel a long distance to reach its t

 How Common Is Prostate Cancer? This is a tumour of ageing males. It is rare below fifty years of age though more cases of men in their thirties and forties are being seen. This is a combination of improved screening and the possibility that

  The topic of cancer prevention has become a major issue as people become more aware of disease and live longer and longer. Many cancers are associated with ageing and prostate cancer is no exception. Certain events within the cells have

  PSA is a protein molecule made by prostate gland cells. Its function is to liquefy the stored seminal coagulum and thus enhance the motility of the sperm cells to aid fertilization. The protein also prevents sperm cells clumping together. P

  Why do doctors screen for prostate cancer? Many men will develop clinical prostate cancer in their lifetimes. This figure is about ten percent. Often the disease does not cause any symptoms until it has spread beyond the prostate gland.

  What is the rationale for treating localised prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is a relatively slow growing disease with a doubling time of about 2 ? 4 years in localized tumours. This means that the prostate tumour will double its size